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Published on December 23rd, 2012 | by Admin | Views: 25975



40,000 Mongols Convert To Islam

Listen to this…. And let us cry together on ourselves. The author of Durar al Kaminah narrated, in the volume 3 book on page number 202 exactly, that a group of senior Christians gathered to meet a mongol King who had become Christian. One of the Christian scholars started mocking at the prophet (peace and blessing of allah on him) and there was a hunting dog tied. The dog started barking loudly and getting violent on the Christian. They moved the dog away from him with great difficulty. A man from them said:

“He did this because of your talk on Muhammad.” but the Christian replied: “No, actually this dog is arrogant, he saw me pointing so he thought that i want to beat him”, thus he returned to the mockery of the prophet (peace and blessing of Allah on him) impudently in a fiercer manner. The dog then broke his bonds and jumped on the neck of the Christian scholar and tore his throat at the instance, and at that moment 40,000 mongols accepted Islam!!

The dogs envied and were angered!!

The dogs envied and were angered!!

So where is our anger…

The trees and plants longed for you O beloved of Allah.

So where is our longing????

Hasan al basri (may Allah be pleased with him) said whenever he heard the hadith of the crying of the stem of the tree on the parting of Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah on him). He would cry and say: “O community of Muslims the trees and plants were affectionate to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing of Allah on him), don’t you feel affection to his memory.”

Narrated by Shaykh Khalid Rashid


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