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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1376

Get Ijazah Quran online

Get Ijazah Quran online

3 Signs Of Hypocrites”Get Ijazah Quran online”

we wanted a hadith in more detail the

signs of a hypocrites or three when he

speaks he guys yeah

now a foundation the base of hypocrisy

is lying a first sign the first

foundation the first base of hypocrisy

is a person if it’s a joke I mean even

about the joke the process of saying you

should not lie in your joke resort

yeah you are so good question because

what it means is that he says something

to someone who believes him whereas he’s

going so someone that he takes you

seriously it’s not a joke but he really

believes you when in fact you’re lying

that’s the foundation of hypocrisy or

you tell your teacher I came to school

for tonight I mean you did it as a

foundation people see where Isis really

two sides of your itself okay so that’s

when he speaks

“Get Ijazah Quran online”

hey guys number two he breaks promise

what in the war ardor oh now there are

two types of breaking promises so the

person that we consider a munafa if that

person who keeps a promise and at that

same time he’s keeping the promise he

has intentional breaking yeah so I could

say that okay I promise after that I’m

gonna give him something but at the same

time while I say to him I know that I’m

gonna give it to him I’m keeping a

promise with the intention of breaking

it he’s considered a witness one and he

keeps a promise but without a legitimate

reason he breaks it that person will be

also considered only the third type is

that a person that keeps a reason and

will a legitimate reason that keeps a

promise but with a legitimate reason he

breaks it that is though he won’t be

considered a what happened so the

suitable reason would be he tried his

best for something beyond his means

and the last one is well in that 2 meter

corner when he is trusted he betray the

trust him after this my bike anything

“Get Ijazah Quran online”

like this you say yes but you betrayed

her trust how can you betray trust you

ride a bike yeah all this thing either

between the trust of that person he gave

it to you the children change trust

also what amazes betray the trust of a

loss of hi Natalia yeah

Allah has given you trust of Prayer

Sangha you have to look after yourself

coffee buddy yeah I do not betray the

trust of the Prophet Parseltongue

humanist all commands shouldn’t betray

their trust
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ok so what I so it means by trust

“Get Ijazah Quran online”


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