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Published on November 15th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 385

3 Kinds of Rocks & 3 Kinds of Hearts

The previous ayah (verse) said: Why can’t you understand? Why can’t you use your mind?

or “Don’t you understand?”

The next ayah (verse) says: Here’s why you don’t understand – because your hearts are all gone

(Summa qasat quloobukum) (Qur’an 2:74) – “Then your hearts became hard”

“Hearts became hard” because they saw a dead guy come back to life

If anything is supposed to melt your heart, that should be it

Even that didn’t work.

If that didn’t bring you to guidance, then there’s nothing else that can be done for you

“Your hearts became hard”

(mim ba’di zaalik) (2:74) – “Even after that”

(fahiya kalhijaarati) (2:74) – “Then they became like stones”

(aw-ashaadu qaswatan) (2:74) – Or they became even tougher

Worse in terms of their stiffness

(wa inna minal hijaarati lamaa yatafajjaru minhul anhaar)

“Even out of stones, there are those that rip open, that cr-, that burst open

And rivers come from them”

Rivers burst out of them

You know

The stones that are going to be talked about in this ayah

Isn’t actually a conversation about stones, it’s about people

Three kinds of stones will be mentioned

And it’s actually a parable of three kinds of hearts

Three kinds of hearts are compared with three kinds of stones

You know, for a person who is intellectual

They’re a thinker

When the Qur’an is prensented to them, they think about it immediately

And when they think about it, they come to their conclusions very quickly

If they have decency in them, the process is very quick

When a person is distracted in life

even if they’re a good person, but they’re distracted in life

they’re in the middle of a lot of stuff

You can’t get their attention just by talking to them

Something has to happpen that shakes them up, that gets their attention

Otherwise you can’t get their attention

Now what happens is

In this ayah, Allah talks about a rock that just bursts open

And rivers come out of it.

It’s like the heart of Abu Bakar (radi Allahu ‘anhu)

The potential Imaan, water, in this ayah is faith

Water is Imaan itself, faith itself

When the messengers presented to him, the water was so much already inside

You basically barely had to tap it and what happened?

His Imaan just came out

There’s no time taken for him to accept Islam

With Omar, the next kind of heart-

Omar is not the interpretation, it’s a sample of the next kind of heart

There’s other people who can have that kind of heart

Distracted by stuff

The only way you can really get their attention is to rattle them

How does Omar Ibn Al-Khattab come to Islam?

You know the story, right?

It’s a traumatic experience, he hit his sister

He sees blood drip down her lip and then he’s, like, shaken by that

And at that moment, he has the attention of the Qur’an

At that moment

Had the Qur’an been written or given to him at a time where he wasn’t paying attention like that

It wouldn’t have had an effect

You know

And there’s other stories in the case of Omar

He was shaken before, too, literally shaken

He was hiding behind the (ghilaf) of the Kaaba, the cover of the Kaaba, at night time

He was gonna jump the Prophet and beat him up

The Prophet was praying

He started listening to the recitation and said “This is some amazing poetry, that’s beautiful”

And the Prophet was reciting (Wa ma huwa biqawli shaa’irin) (69:41)

“It’s not the word of a poet, how little you believe”

He says “What, how did he know what I was thinking? He must be a mind reader.”

(Wa laa biqawli kaahinin, qaleelam maa tazakkaroon) (69:42)

“It’s not the word of a mind reader”

“How does he know that? What is it??”

(Tanzeelum mir rabbil ‘aalameen) (69:43)

“A revalation from the master of all nations”

He ran away

He was shaken up, he didn’t become Muslim, he ran away, he got scared

You know, he was just shaken by it

There are some people who will come to Islam from an intellectual journey

Some will come to Islam after a car accident

after surgery

after losing a child

after something traumatic

They’re gonna come to Islam after almost dying in a- by disease

They’re gonna come to Islam because they lost a friend

Something happened

Something that shook them up happened

You know

And these are two different kinds of hearts

So the second kind of heart, Allah says (wa inna minhaa lamaa yash shaqqaqu fayakhruju minhul maaa’) (2:74)

Out of the hearts are ones that crack open and water comes out

It wouldn’t open on its own, it has to be hit and then it cracks open

Something has to shake it, and guess what? You’ll still find water in there

This is very important for us to understand, you know why?

Sometimes we meet people, you want to give them Da’wah or you want to give them advice

Even in your own family, there’s a cousin who doesn’t want to hear it from you

You know, there’s your brother

Your sister

Your uncle, whoever

And they just don’t want to hear it from you and you feel like their heart is really hard

but you don’t know, there may be water inside

It just takes the right kind of event to crack it open, you know what I’m saying?

There’s some people, you can’t just talk to them and expect results

They take their time

How many years – you have to ask yourself –

How many years before Hamzah (r.a.), how many years before Omar (r.a.) became Muslim

Do you know?

Six years

Six years since the message began

You have to ask yourself what are they doing for six years, you know

They’re not enemies of Islam which is interesting

Omar Ibn Al-Khattab only became an advocate enemy of Islam right before he came to Islam

You know, when things reached a boiling point

So what’s he doing the other five and a half years?

He’s hanging out

He’s doing stuff

He’s busy with life

When you look at it, you think there can’t be any water in that one

Not in Omar, he’s gonna be Muslim? Come on!

Seriously? That guy?

Do you know what he does? He’s gonna be a Muslim?

And then when it’s- when that heart is shaken, Imaan comes out of there, too

But then there’s a third kind of heart

(wa inna minhaa lamaa yahbitu min khashyatil-laahi) (2:74)

“Even out of them, there are those that fall…

…From the fear of Allah”

They fall from the fear of Allah

Allah mentions rocks that are falling like a landslide

You know, how the picture of a landslide where rocks are falling

But he doesn’t mention any water this time

The first two kinds of hearts, there were water

One more water than the other

But the third one, there was no water

What Allah is talking about is Islam without Imaan

Islam without Imaan

Imaan is represented by what in this example? Water.

When there’s no water mentioned but it still has the fear of Allah, it’s submitting

It’s falling from the fear of Allah like a man falling in Sajdah

From the fear of Allah

like the rock falls from the fear of Allah

but he may not have tasted Imaan yet

There is such a thing as having Islam without Imaan

Having become Muslim, coming to the faith, without tasting the sweetness in your heart

Maybe your mind has submitted

Your intellect has submitted to this mission or this belief

But your heart hasn’t tasted its sweetness yet

And when the heart tastes its sweetness, you’ll shed tears

It’ll tell

Your mind doesn’t make you cry, your heart does, right?

So Allah says (Qaalatil-A ‘raabu aamannaa qul lam tu’minoo wa laakin qoolooo aslamnaa) (49:14)

– “But when they say they have faith, tell them No, no, no, you don’t have faith, you’ve accepted Islam”

(wa lamma yadkhulil eemaanu fee quloobikum) (49:14)

“Imaan hasn’t enetered your hearts yet”

This water hasn’t enetered your rocks yet

That’s what that is

Interestingly, the ayah (verse) began “Your hearts were so hard, they were even worse than rock”

Then Allah talked about three kinds of rock

Three kinds of rock represent three kinds of hearts
Three kinds of hearts that have hope, that have potential


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