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Published on February 6th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 184

2 Requirements to Understand Quran | Subtitled


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There are two kinds of requirements for understanding the Quran

There are two kinds of requirements…

Of I wouldn’t even say understanding

Let’s just say… benefiting from the Quran

There are two kinds of requirements

The first kind of requirement… you could call them academic

Learning the Arabic language is an academic requirement

Studying tafseer is an academic requirement

Understanding the linguistic analysis

And the tradition… all of these are academic requirements

They require you to study

Anything that requires you to study becomes an academic requirement

But more important than the academic requirements… there are certain psychological requirements

I mean… If you don’t want to use the word psychological, you can even call them spiritual requirements

For benefiting from the Quran

And those are the harder ones

As a matter of fact… somebody who is intelligent can learn the Arabic language in no time

They can study tafseer in no time

Memorize even in no time

And understand and know a lot about Allah’s book in very little time

But the psychological requirements…

The attitude requirements

In really benefiting from the Quran

They are a life long struggle

They are something you can meet at one point in your life and lose at a later point in your life

They are not something you get to keep

They are something you have to fight to maintain

And you have to… more than anything else, you have to fight yourself

I have to fight myself

To maintain those requirements

I can tell you

That 10 years ago, I knew a lot less about the Quran

As the days and the months and the years went by…

…I knew more and more and more about the Quran

And even though in the grand scheme of things, I still know very little about the Quran

Those original requirements that are psychological in nature, I still have to struggle with those everyday

I have to struggle with those

Its not like I graduated and I met those requirements, like you know you take prerequisites in college

You meet the prerequisite… and that’s it, you don’t have to go back to it anymore

That’s not the case with Quran

These requirements… they are of a different nature

And the first of those requirements

Is understanding and reminding oneself every single time… WHY AM I LEARNING THIS?

Why am I reading tafseer?

Why am I learning Arabic?

Why am I memorizing these ayat?

What is the point of all of this?

The intention behind all of this

And all of you know the cliche answer… and the cliche answer is

“This is so I can have guidance”

“This is so I can have guidance”

That’s the… you know, “Quran is guidance”

“We study it for guidance”

But, that term is used so often…

That we actually don’t understand what that really means

What does it mean, that I am asking Allah for guidance?

What that means is…

That on a given day…

Every single moment of my day

I will be presented with choices

Should I stay in bed… or, should I wake up?

Should I look there… or, should I look down?

Should I talk back… or, should I stay quiet?

Should I earn my money this way… or, should I find another job?

Should I pursue this… or, should I leave those friends?

Should I hangout with them… or, should I not hangout? Should I respond back to the text message or not?


All the time, every second of the day… you and I are going to be faced with choices

When we ask Allah for guidance… we are asking Allah for the strength to make the right choices

That Allah empowers us because of his word… to make the right choices

The guidance of the Quran… that’s what that means
That’s what that means

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