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Enriching answer of Islam, etiquette: part 9



Q 1 : What clothes are those that  disapproved of ?

Ans : They are those going to extravagant lengths .

Q 2 : To which point do they amount ?

Ans : They amount to boastfulness and arrogance .

 Q 3 : How many sides do the matters of dress have ?

Ans : They have two sides .

Q 4 : What are these two sides ? 

Ans: One of them is related to the right of Allah ,while the second side is related to the right of man .

Q 5 : What is the side of Allah relating to ? 

Ans : The hiding of the private parts [awrah] from being seen.          

Q 6 : What is the side pertaining to the rights of humans ?

Ans : It is that which provides protection from the heat , the cold and all of the things that can be harmful .

Q 7 : Is it right for men to imitate women’s style of dress? 

Ans : No, it isn’t at all 

Q 8 : Is it right for men to style women ?

Ans : No, it isn’t  .

Q 9 : What did the prophet [PBUH] do? 

Ans :He cursed a person who would do such a thing.

Q 10 : What did the prophet  warn us against ?    

Ans :   He warned us against it with dire threats .

Q 11 : What is reprehensible to do ? 

Ans :It is reprehensible  to wear any kind of  transparent dress that the body can be seen through  

Q 12 :  What will the wearer be if the private parts[Awrah] are visible through it ?

Ans : The wearer is  a Sinner. 

Q 13 : Why is he  a sinner?

Ans : Because he is a disobedient person .

Q 14 : Why did the prophet [PBUH] turn his face away in anger?

Ans : Because Asmaa’s dress was not thick enough.

Q 15 : What did the prophet [PBUH]say ? 

Ans : He said , “ If the woman reaches the age of puberty ,no part of her body should be seen , except for her hands and her face.

Q 16 : What are the parts the prophet [PBUH] pointed to ? 

Ans : He pointed to his face  and hands .            

Q 17 : What should we keep in mind clearly ? 

 We should clearly keep it in mind that the choice of clothes shouldn’t first be governed by what one likes best or what is least expensive .

Q 18 : So what choice of clothes should be first ?  

Ans : By the unchanging principles of modesty .

Q 19 : What is Modesty ? 

Ans : It is  one of the most delightful characteristics of a woman.

Q 20 : What does a girl dressed modestly and tastefully show ?

Ans : She shows her refinement.    

Q 21 : What can’t immodesty in a dress be ? 

Ans : It cannot be considered elegant , it is vulgar

Q 22 : What are some requirements  in a dress according to the Quran and the sunnah of the prophet [PBUH]?

Ans : They are : 1- covering the awrah. 

2- Clothes should be loose enough .

3-They shouldn’t be transparent.

4 – A woman shouldn’t wear men’s clothes nor should a man wear a woman’s clothes .

5 – They shouldn’t  be clothes of fame , pride and vanity .

Q 23 : What does the covering of awrah refer to ?

Ans : It refers to parts of the body that should be covered at all times. 

Q24:What is covering awrah necessary for ?

Ans : It is also necessary for the validity of prayers for both men and women .

Q 25 : What is Awrah for men ?

Ans : It is defined as the area between the navel and the knees .

Q 26 : What is the Awrah defined for women ? 

Ans : The Awrah is defined for women as the whole body except for the face and the hands .

Q 27 : Why should the clothes be loose enough ? 

Ans : So as not to reveal what they are covering [The awrah]. 

Q 28 : Why should the clothes be thick enough ? 

Ans : They should be thick enough so as not to reveal the colour of the skin or the parts covered .

Q 29:What does an aspect of such imitation include ?

Ans : It includes the manner of speaking , walking , dressing and moving . 

Q 30 : What are men not allowed to wear ? 

Ans: They are not allowed to wear silk and gold  

Q 31 ;Does wearing silk and gold apply to women?

Ans : No, It doesn’t apply to them .

Q 32 :  What must a  Muslim eat and drink only?

Ans: He must only eat and drink pure and lawful foods and drinks .

Q 33 : What should a Muslim avoid ?

Ans : He should avoid all that is impure and unlawful.

Q 34 : What is impure and unlawful for a Muslim ? 

Ans : A Muslim should avoid eating dead animals, pork , blood and alcoholic drinks .

Q 35 : What food and drink should a Muslim also avoid ?

Ans : He should avoid food and drink obtained by unlawful means,such as theft or deceit .

Q 36 : Which intention must a Muslim always eat and drink with ?

Ans : The intention of gaining strength  to worship Allah better .

Q 37 : Why must a Muslim remeber ? 

Ans : He must remember that  the reason why Allah created him is to worship him .

Q 38 : What does Islam call to ? 

Ans : Islam callls to cleanliness .

Q 39 : So, what must  Muslim wash ? 

Ans : He must wash his hands before and after eating .

Q 40 : What does a Muslim say every time he wants ot eat or drink ?

Ans : He must say : “In the Name of Allah بسم الله”at the beginning of the meal .

 Q 41:What must a Muslim say if he forgets ?

Ans : He should say , when he remembersبسم الله اوله وآخره “ ه” In the Name of Allah , at its beginning and at its end “ .

Q 42 : What  should a Muslim eat and drink with ? 

Ans : He should also eat and drink with his right hand .      

 Q 43 : What did the prophet [PBUh] once say ?

Ans : He said ,” Satan eats and drinks with his left hand” . 

Q 44 : How should a Muslim eat If he is eating with people from the same plate ?  

 Ans :  He should eat from the side of the plate that is in front of him.

Q 45 : How should a Muslim eat ? 

Ans : He should eat from the top or the middle of the pile of food but from the sides .

Q 46 : How many fingers should he use to handle his food?

Ans : He should use three fingers to handle it .

Q 47 : When can he move his hand around ?

Ans : He can use it, If there are different plates and the food consists of different types.

Q 48 : In which case may he stretch his hand?

Ans : Like in the case of sweets ,meat or fruits .

Q 49 : What shouldn’t a Muslim do while eating ? 

Ans : He shouldn’t blow on hot food.

Q 50 : What should he rather do ? 

Ans : He should rather wait patiently until it is easy to eat .


             Islam is but good morals and modesty. A Muslim is a trully civilized person in all aspects of life. The Muslim etiquette and good manners are most obvious in the way Mislims dress and eat. A Muslim is recommended to observe modesty and the common sense in the way they dress and eat. The dress code of ethics in Islam observes modesty in the sense that a dress may be nice, but not to extravagant. This means that a dress shouldn’t reflect or encourage being proud. Also, a dress shouldn’t be too transparent to hide the private parts of a person’s body. For the same reason, a dress shouldn’t be too tight; it should be loose enough for the wearer to feel at ease.

            As for the etiquette of eating and drinking, Islam show itself as a religion of good manners and etiquette. Islam prefers eating while sitting down. Islam prefers eating using the right hand. Islam recommends eating slowly and chewing well, which have proved to be more healthy. It is recommended to say bismillah at the beginning of eating; and alhamdulillah at the end of it.When eating with others, a Muslim is recommended to eat directly from  the side nearest to them.

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