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Enriching answer of Islam, etiquette: part 8



Q 1 : Do you have time for recreation ? 

Ans : Yes, I usually do .

Tip  : It’s quite significant for everybody to have fun and relaxation to get rid of the daily boring routines . 

Q 2 : Do you have recreation regularly ? 

Ans: No, not regularly . 

Tip  : I  sometimes have fun but I don’t have much time to do so .   

Q 3 : Do you have a balance of work and leisure time schedule ? 

 Ans : Yes I do , sometimes . 

Tip  : I sometimes have a balance for both but not orderly .  

Q 4 : What must you aim at  while striving to make the best of your time ?   

Ans :We must aim for excellence ,in anything we do. 

Tip  : Because when we aim for distinction we can make great achievements in every aspect of our life.  

Q 5 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say about Ihsan?

Ans : He said . “Allah has prescribed Ihsan (excellence , proficiency) in all things .  

Q 6 : What is necessary therefore ? 

Ans : It is therefore necessary that everyone must spend some time .

Tip  : Spending some time with everyone may save a lot of time that allows people to do many useful things. 

Q 7 : When must everybody spend some time ?

Ans : At the beginning of the week planning in detail the exact schedule of the week .

Tip  : Planning in detail the specific schedule will offer much time and can reduce the weekly stress resulting from week days.

Q 8 : What do you realize ? 

Ans : We realize that the Quran and hadith can be fully memorized .

Q 9 : How can the books be read , written and examinations can be passed ?  

Ans : By the sound planning of time .

Tip  : Whenever we plan our time soundly our life becomes successful and organized in everything. 

Q 10 : How could the time be spent ? 

Ans : It could be spent according to the most important priorities that quite concern us to the least ones. 

Tip  : This means punctuality in regular practicing for all routines taking into consideration the right time for each one.

Q 11:How does a Muslim begin and ends his day? 

Ans : He begins it with Salah and ends it with Salah . 

Tip  : A Muslim always starts the day with the dawn prayer and ends it with the evening prayer [ Isha prayer] as apart of the worship towards the creator                                                                

Q 12 : What is our time ? 

Ans : Our time is our capital.

Tip  :  Our time is everything to us as Muslims we shouldn’t waste  it in vain because Almighty Allah is going to ask us about it on the day of the judgement.  

Q 13 : How should we use our time? 

Ans : We must use it wisely according to our religion’s teachings . 

Tip  : We have to use our time perfectly, I mean in a way  that brings us great benefit in both worlds .   

Q 14 : Why must we use our time properly ?

Ans : To lead  a happy life in this world and eternal bless in the hereafter .

Q 15 :  What did a man ask the prophet [PBUH] ?

Ans :  He asked the prophet [PBUH] his permission to take part in jihad .

Q 16 : What did the prophet[PBUH] ask the man?

Ans : The prophet [PBUh] asked him .”Are your parents still alive? 

Q 17:What did the man answer the prophet [PBUH]? 

 Ans : He answered him “Yes “ The prophet [PBUH] said,“ well then , consider them your jihad “

Q 18 : What does the nature of honour and respect for our parents require ? 

Ans : It requires many things .

Q 19: Should we keep our parents out of harm ? 

Ans : Yes, we do especially when they get old.

Q 20 : How do we treat them ? 

Ans : We should  treat them kindly .

 Q21: Do we get irritated with them or with their deeds ?

Ans : No, we don’t . 

Q 21 : How do we regard service to them ? 

Ans : We regard service to them as an act of worship.

Q 22 : Why do we pray to Allah ? 

Ans : To forgive them and have mercy on them .

Q 23 : Should we raise our voices above theirs ?

Ans : No, we shouldn’t .

Q 24 : Should we go against their wishes?

Ans : No, we shouldn’t  .

Q 25 : Should we even flare up in anger towards them ? 

Ans : No, we shouldn’t but we  should remember their up-bringing  to us .

Q 26 : How was their bringing up to us ? 

Ans : They spent many sleepless nights doing so , and they cared for us and wore themselves out .

Q 27 : What are the commands  of Allah we must also remember ?

Ans : We must remember “ speak to them in gracious words “ 

Q 28 : What did they do to keep us satisfied ?  

 Ans   : They went hungry themselves.

Q 29 : What did they do for us to enjoy sleep ? 

Ans : They stayed awake at night .

Q 30 : Should all of us obey  our parents?

 Ans : Yes , we should , all of us do so .

Q 31 : Are there any examples of obedience?

Ans : Yes, there are : working people obey their employers , Teachers obey school authorities , soldiers obey commanding officers .  

Q 32 : What should young people keep in mind ? 

Ans : They should keep clearly in mind that Allah commands them to love ,respect and obey their parents . 

Q 33 : How should we love our parents?      

Ans : We should love them from our hearts.

Q 34 : What should we always try to do ? 

Ans : We should always try to make them happy.

Q 35 : What must we show  our parents?

Ans: We must show them love and satisfy their needs .

Q 36 : When should we look after them ? 

ans.;We should look after them if they are sick .

 and whenever they need our help.

Q 37 : Where do the parents receive their authority over their children from ? 

Ans : They receive it from Allah .

 Q 38 : When must children obey them ?

Ans : They must obey them  all the time .

Q 39 : Which is the only exception of disobeying parents ? 

Ans : The only exception of accommand to sin .

Q 40:What did a man once  say to the prophet [PBUH]?

Ans : He said ,”O Allah’s Messenger who is more entitled to my best companionship?

Q 41 : How many times did the man ask the prophet [PBUH]  ?

 Ans : The Man asked three times and the prophet [PBUH] replied three times .

Q 42 : Who was the next one the man asked and what did the prophet reply?

Ans :  The prophet [PBUH] replied “ “Your father “  

Q 43 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say?

Ans :He said that Allah has forbidden us from disobeying our parents.  

Q 44 :  What did the prophet [PBUH] say about  disobeying parents ? 

Ans : He said it is one of the major sins .

Q 45 : What does Islam want us to do ?

Ans : It wants us to dress decently and wants us to enjoy what Allah has created for the 

Purposes of dressing and adornment  .

Q 46 : What are the two main purposes?

Ans : To cover the body and beautify appearance .

Q 47  : How many types of clothes are there? 

Ans : There are three types of clothes.

1- Those which Allah has declared unlawful  for every one. .

2- Those which he has declared unlawful for certain individuals but not for others. 

3- Those which he has disapproved of.

Q 48 : What is the first type of clothes that have been declared unlawful for everyone ?

Ans : They are those wrongfully obtained by such acts as stealing .

Q 49 :  What’s an example of those which have been declared unlawful ?

Ans : They are those for certain individuals and for others silk .

Q 50 : For whom silk is permissible ?

Ans : It is permissible for women not for men.



            A Muslum is a grateful person who acknowledges the others’ favours.  The One who has the greatest favour in us is Allah. Allah has endowed us with the most precious gift, namely life itself. It is said that ‘Time is money’. However, it is better to say time is life. Time wasted can never be restored. a person is successful as much as their time is well managed. One’s time can be well used either in work, study, worship, recreation or sleep to get ready for work or worship. Prophet Mohammad once said, ‘There are two blessings for  which humans don’t care enough; health and time.’ Also it is reported that he once said, ‘ On the Day of Judgement, a slave’s feet won’t move ( in the presence of their Lord ), until they are asked about their money, time and knowledge.’

             There are other people who have no less great favour for us. They are our parents. Islam recommends, urges, advises and asks its followers to take the greatest care of our parents as they are the direct and natural cause  of our existence. So Muslims are asked to respect, obey, please and satisfy their parents all the time to please their Lord

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