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Enriching answer of Islam, etiquette: part 6


Q 1 : Will you  adhere to guest ethics if you are a guest?

ans  : Yes ,I will.

Q 2  : Who’s a true muslim ?

ans  : He is the one from whose tongue and hand Muslims are safe.

Q 3 : Who is the muhajir?

ans  : He is the one who gave up all that Allah has forbidden. 

Q 4 : How often and where do you spend your money?

ans  :  I always  spend it on doing good charitable deeds.

Q 5 : Who’ s the believer. According to Hadith narrated by ibn Mas’oud may Allah be pleased with him from the Messenger of Allah  [PBUH]?

ans  : The believer is neither a defamer nor a cursor  nor outrageous nor obscene .

Q 6 : Who is a defamer ?

ans  : He who falsely accuses people of what they  do and defames their reputation.

Q 7 :  Who is a curse?

ans  : He is a person who curses.

Q 8 : Who is outrageous ?

ans   : He who says morally unacceptable words.

Q 9 : Who’s obscene?

ans  : He is the person who says impolite words.

Q 10 : What is Isalm ?

ans  : It’s a religion based on noble morals and ethics .

Q 11 :  Why did it come?

ans  : To purify the souls and the feelings of people and spread the atmospheres of affection and friendliness among Muslims. 

Q 12 :Do you control yourself when you feel angry?

ans  : Yes,  I do . 

Q 13 : if your friend abused you by saying bad words do you reply back?

ans  : No, I don’t .

Q 14 :  Where will the curse go when all the gates are locked   to those they don’t deserve ?

ans  : it will return to the one who uttered it. 

Q 15 : What did Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-As, may Allah be pleased with him say about Allah’s Messenger [PBUH]?

ans  : He said : ‘Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] was not obscene nor uttering obscenities”.

Q 16 :What are the deeds that please Allah, glory be to Him?

ans  : Praying for the good of others, taking the initiative to greet people and apologizing to them when treating them badly or unjustly.

Q 17 : What are the deeds that displease Allah , glory be to Him?

ans  : Hurting people, saying bad, impolite words,and citing curses when losing a game.

Q 18 : What are  envelopes?

ans  : Paradise.

Q 19 : What’s the reward of a man who believes in Allah,  Glory be to Him and do good deeds and spend his money on charitable deeds? 

ans  : His reward is paradise.

Q 20  : What’s the reward of one who doesn’t believe in Allah and spends money to do bad things?

ans :  His reward is Hell. 

Q 21 : What did Allah bestow upon merchant who’s 

Keen on winning Allah’s Pleasure ?

ans  : Allah Glory be to Him, bestowed blessing upon his business . 

Q 22 :  What happened as a result  of the blessing? 

ans  : This encouraged him to do more good deeds.

Q 23 : How did  a merchant who isn’t  keen on winning Allah’s pleasure become?

ans  : He became -hard-hearted, and bad -natured ,

Q 24 : What does Allah’s glory be to Him guide and show people to?

ans  ; Allah glory be to Him guides and shows them the way to do good deeds. 

Q 25 : What has Allah Glory be to Him warned those who disbelieved?

ans :He has warned them of the Hell fire.

Q 26 :Who  are those  promised to be rescued from Hell  ?

ans  :They are those who purify themselves from sins and spend some of their money on charity in order to please Allah’s glory be  to Him.

Q 27 : Do you always participate in donation campaigns launched by  your country to help needy and poor people? 

ans  ; Yes, I do.

Q 28 : Is it enough to wash the human body one or twice in a lifetime?

ans  : No, it isn’t.

Q 29 : Why  isn’t it enough ?

ans  : Because the washing must be repeated continually.

Q 30 : Why must the prayer be repeated continuously?

ans : Because, the heedlessness of the self and the whispers of satan never stop. 

Q 31 : When was Al Fatihah sent down to our prophet [PBUH] ?

ans : It was sent while He was in Makkah.

Q 32 : How many verses does it consist of ?

It consists of seven verses. 

Q 33 : Is surat Alfatihah known by various names?

ans  : Yes. It is.

Q 34 : What are these various names?

ans  : They are : al- Fatihah Known (The opening), Umm al-Kitaab( Mother of essence of the Book) ,and as-Sab’ Al -Mathani wal Quran al-Adheem.

Q 35 : Why is it called The Opening ?

ans  :Because, the Quran opens with it and with it the prayer begins .

Q 36 : Why is it called Umm Al- Kitaab?

ans : Because , it contains the summary  of the Quran ,and also it is summary of all the teachings of the Quran.

Q 37  : Why is it called as– sab’ul- Methane wal- Quran-al- Adheem?.

ans : Because it is repeated several times in each of the daily five prayers.

Q 38 : Why was the name of Umm Al- Kitaab given to it by the prophet [PBUH] himself?

ans  : Because , this was in view of the virtues that it contains,

Q 39 : Why has this been formulated as prayer?

ans  : To be constantly repeated and reflected upon by the believers.

Q 40 :What are some other titles of the surah? 

ans ; They are : al- Hamd (the praise),as-salat the (prayer),al- waaqiyah(the one that protects),and al- Kaafiyah(The Sufficient).

Q 41 : Whoever performs any prayer without reciting Al- Faatiha will his prayer be accepted?

ans  : No, it won’t 

Q 42 : What has Allah said about the prayer ?

ans  : He said : ‘ I have divided the prayer between 

Me and My slave into two halves.

Q 43 ; What will His slaves have?

ans  :They will have what they have asked for .

Q 44 : What does Allah say , when his slave says : All  praise is due to Allah ,the lord of all the worlds? 

ans :Allah’s glory be to Him says : “My slave has praised Me” .

Q 45: What does Allah say? when his slave says The Most kind, The Most Merciful ?

ans : Allah says :” My slave has exalted Me “

Q 46 : What does Allah say, when His slave says: Master of the Day judgement?

ans  : Allah says : My slave  has glorified Me .

Q 47 : What does Allah say, when His slave?

says : “ You alone we worship and to you alone we turn “.

 Allah says : this is between me and My slave any servant will have what they have asked for. 

Q 48 : What does Allah say when His slave says : “ Guide us to the straight path “ ?

ans  :  Allah says : this for My slave and My servant will have what they have asked for . 

Q 49 : What did Allah show  man and woman when he created them? 

ans  : He showed them the way to live.  

Q 50 : What did people do as the time went by?

ans : They fell into evil ways and ignored Allah – their Creator. 


           Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance. This is very obvious in a Muslim’s character and conduct. Maladies and errors of the tongue are gravely warned against in many ways. The first cause people enter the hellfire is due to the harvest of their tongues’ cultivation. Gossip, lies and backbiting are devastating dangers ruining society. So Muslims must never commit them. Gossip creates rumours and lies which lead to uncertainty and unrest. Rumours are the  weapon of the hypocrites. They create a state of doubt and distrust among Muslims. So rumours are very dangerous. Lies spread in a society, leaving its members awkward and unable to work or move. Enemies use lies to destroy a hostile society. Lies can do what weapons and heavy artillery can’t.  Many countries and states have collapsed because of a simple lie. That is why a Muslim is strictly forbidden to tell lies. Backbiting means to talk about someone while they are not present. Backbiting angers the person mentioned. This worsens the social relations among Muslims. This weakens the Muslim society on the long run. When the social relations are weak, the whole society becomes easy to penetrate and conquer. The ultimate defeat is inevitable at last. To fight such maladies, Islam has made the unescapable punishment of them is but the hellfire. 





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