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Enriching answer of Islam, etiquette: part 2 “teach arabic online”



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The Etiquette of Socializing:


Q 1 : What do you have to do when you talk or listen? 


ans : Look pleasantly at others when talking or listening to people.

Tip : looking sweetly shows respect and love to those who you are talking to . 





 Q 2 : Do you have to keep smiling when you talk or listen to them? 


ans : Yes, I do. 

Tip : Smiling is one of the attraction’s rules ,so our prophet [PBUH] has preceded people in this connection when He said : “smiling at your brother is charity “.





Q  3  :  Do you have to make restless movements all the time ?


ans : No, I don’t.

Tip : I always try as far as I can to create an atmosphere of joy and delectation and amity .





Q  4 : Do we have to giggle unnecessarily when talking to  others?


ans : No, we don’t.

Tip  : We have to take into consideration people’s feelings and emotions , otherwise they might consider what happens to them disrespect and underestimation . 





Q 5 : Is whatever you say recorded?


ans :  Yes, it is.

Tip  : There are two angels recording every single word we utter, as almighty Allah said, : “Man does not utter any word except that with him is an observer prepared [to record].  






Q 6 : What does speaking very loudly without  a need show? 


ans : It shows foolishness.

Tip : When people talk too loudly this shows their  unawareness and foolishness .





Q 7 : What’s the use of such a conversation? 


ans : To let the speaker finish then allow the other  to go on with his conversation .

Tip  : Leaving the other finishing their talk can create a friendly atmosphere between the participants in the conversation . 





Q 8 : Is it bad to interrupt others while they are talking?


ans : Yes, It is .

Tip :  Interrupting people during their speech reflects a sort of disrespect and underestimation from the signification of what they say . 




Etiquette at Home With Family Members:


Q 9 : What do you say to greet your family members when you go out ?


ans : Peace be upon you.

Tip  : greeting family members is one of house leaving’s etiquette which our prophet [PBUH] enjoined us to make whenever we leave our family. 




Etiquette of Being in the Street:


Q 10  :  Do you have to walk too fast or too slowly?


ans :   No I don’t, I walk  neither too fast nor too slow. 

Tip  :   We should walk moderately ,as Almighty Allah said in his noble Book  in  surat Luqman : “Be moderate in your pace”. 





Q 11 : What do you have to do between both? 


ans : I walk decently with full strength and humbly.

Tip  : Following the way that Almighty Allah has enjoined us will protect us from all evils of hastiness.





Q 12 : Do you have to strut around arrogantly?


ans : No,I don’t. 

Tip : Strutting around is forbidden , in Islam because it makes some people feel proud of themselves and let the other   inferior. 





Q 13 : Is it good to walk in one shoe or sandal? ans ans.


ans : No, It isn’t . 

Tip  : There is no reason  for everybody to walk in one shoe or sandal unless for severe circumstances in this case for a person to walk in one shoe or sandal .





Q  14 :   What should you wear?


ans : I should wear the pair or take off both shoes or sandals.

Tip :  The only case is to take off both shoes or sandals when entering the mosque mostly and some houses and offices sometimes .





Q  15  :  Should you drag your feet? 


ans :  No ,I shouldn’t. 

Tip : Dragging one’s feet deems a kind of disturbance so we have to avoid towing feet as far as possible .  




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Q 16  : Should we reel or sway from side to side while walking?


ans : No, we shouldn’t.

Tip  : Staggering or swaying without legal excuse disagreeing with the street’s etiquette in our religion.  





Q 17 : Should you hunch over ?


ans : No, I shouldn’t.

Tip : When we walk there is no need to hunch over unless circumstances get out of hand .  





Q 18 :  Should we look back again and again while walking?


ans : No, We shouldn’t. 

Tip : We have to look forward to concentrating on what is ahead of us and respond to the orders of Almighty Allah and His Messenger [PBUH] .





Q 19 : What should you do if you must turn to address something ?


ans : I should turn  my whole body completely 

Tip  :  I have to turn my whole body when I talk to someone to show this person my deep concern with delivering a speech. 





Q 20  : Should you take long steps ?


ans : Yes, I should.

Tip : I should make them but not too long steps that turn these steps just like I’m running not walking .





Q 21 : Should you slouch or sprawl while sitting in a chair ? 


ans : No, I shouldn’t.

Tip  : I should stay right and stop slouching or sprawling while I’m sitting specifically in a gathering whether a private or public .  





Q 22 : Is shouting when approaching someone on the road considered bad manners?


ans : Yes, It is.

Tip  : It is unacceptable behaviour because the person you’re gonna talk to isn’t far as long as you arrive at him in the only case you have the right to do so  if he has hearing impairment .





Q  23 : What should you  do on passing through the door?


ans :  I hold it if someone is behind unless the person is not close enough . 

Tip : Hold the door on passing through if there is someone behind unless the person isn’t so close .  




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Q  24 :  Is there a need to remind oneself constantly that ‘thank you’, ‘Excuse me’, ‘sorry’ to say these words?  


ans : Yes, there is. 

Tip  : It is a good deed to keep remembering these words , because saying them has substantial effect over those who are said to them .





Q 25  :  Should ‘ jazak Allahu khairan’ be said too? 


ans :  Yes,  it should be said .

Tip  : It should  be said because,  supplicating with words like these motivates others to initiate and hasten to do the good deeds and keep doing them .





Q 26 : Is shouting to passengers to hold the door of the lift rude?


Ans : Yes, it is.

Tip : it shows disrespect for them, people working with others  should be more polite and respectable  .




Home, Sweet Home, Etiquette:

The Etiquette with Parents:


Q 27  : What do you say when you return home ?


ans : Greet the  family members,  saying ‘Peace be upon you.’

Tip :Greeting them  and  smiling  then ask how did you spend your morning or whatever it is . 





Q 28  : Should you get angry when your mum helps you with your homework? 


ans : No, I shouldn’t.

Tip : There is  no need to get angry particularly when the issue concerns  Mum helping me with my homework .





Q 29 : What are the two matchless hearts that are the source of your existence?


ans  :  They are my parents’…..





Q 30  : How do you explain the parents ‘ grace and favour and the reward of honouring them?


ans  : My parents’ favour for me is great,they are my paradise and my life …




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Q 31 : Is obeying and doing good to parents a type of worship? 


ans  : Yes, it is… 





Q 32 : How do you  honour your parents?


ans  : I always obey my mother and father,I treat  them kindly and I respect them . I never refuse their requests and I don’t make them angry with me…





Q 33 : Should  you  apply the morals of reciting the Holy Quran?


ans   : Yes, I should. 





Q 34 : Are there morals of reading the Holy Quran?


ans   : Yes, there are… 





Q 35 :  Should we  adhere to these morals ?


ans : …Yes, we should .





Q 36 : How do we follow the example of the prophet [PBUH]in his patience and steadfastness in truth?  


ans  : With patience, persistence and determination… 





Q 37 : Do you recite  surah Al -Alaq correctly? 


ans   : Yes, I do…





Q 38 : What are some of the good morals which make the Muslims’ balance heavier on the day of judgement?


ans  : Isti’adha and bismillah.





Q 39 : What are the effects of good morals ? 


ans  : They make the balance heavier on the day of judgement.





Q 40: Little creatures need the necessary care and attention to grow up, who takes care of them ? 


ans  : Their parents.





Q 41 : What would happen if these creatures didn’t have enough care? 


ans  : They would be lost . 





Q 42: What’s your slogan towards your parents ? 


ans  : it is ‘my mother and my father  are my paradise and my life’.





Q 43 : Have you ever disappointed your mother or father ?


ans  : No, I haven’t.





Q 44 : Have you ever made your mother or father angry to death?


ans   : No, I Haven’t.





Q 45 : How many times have you come to your mother or father asking for their forgiveness?


ans : Just twice .




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Q  46: How often do you kiss the head of your mother or father ? 


ans : I always do so.





Q 47: Do you always obey your mother and father?


ans  : Yes, I do .





Q 48 : Have you ever helped your mother or father and obeyed their orders ?


ans  : Yes, I have.





Q 49 : Do you always speak quietly and don’t raise your voice when you talk to your parents? 


ans  : Yes ,I do.





Q 50 : Have you ever felt annoyed with them asking  you to do something ?


ans  : No,I haven’t…..





                               Islam is not just a religion of rituals. It is a lifestyle. Long before the notion of a gentleman emerged, Islam had set up the rules governing one’s conduct and behaviour. Also, Islam acknowledges thae fact that the psychological factor is very important. Islam aims at formulating a Muslim’s character. A Muslim is a modest human. This means that A Muslim loves and is loved by all people. What guarantee this love are very simple things. Islam realizes very well that the human interaction can create peace or unrest within a society. So Islam hasset the rule that ensures this peaceful state in the society. First, Muslims should be modest and civilized while talking to each other. A smile is the best remedy. So a muslim smiles whenever they meet or talk to their fellow Muslims. While talking and listening to the others, a Muskim should show modesty. This comes true  by speaking in an audible tone, amd listening without interrupting the speaker. The Muslim etiquette is also manifest at home while dealing with the family members. Another aspect where Islam stresses good morals is the parantal gratitude. A Muslim should be grateful to thei parents, by treating them well.


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