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Enriching answer of Islam, etiquette: part 17



Q 1 : Is this the case with anyone ?

ans : No, it is the case only  with  a believer .

Q 2 : What is this case that the prophet once said ?

ans : It is , if prosperity attends him , he expresses gratitude [to Allah ] and that is good for him , if adversity befalls him , he endures it patiently , and that is also good for him .

Q 3 : What did Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] also say?

ans : He also said, “ No  affliction befalls a Muslim but Allah forgives wrong actions because of it . 

Q 4 : Does Allah forgive wrong actions because of it even if it is no more than a thorn ?

ans : Yes, He does, as Allah is The Most Merciful .                  

Q 5 : What did Umm Salamah[MPWH] say?

ans : She said, “ I heard Allah’s Messenger say ,”there is no slave of Allah afflicted with some misfortune and say : Truly we belong to Allah and to Him we  will return .

Q 6 : What does a slave of Allah also say?

ans : He also says  ,” O Allah , reward me for patiently enduring this misfortune of mine and replace it with something better . 

Q 7 : What did Umm Salmah say when Abu Salamah died ? 

ans : She said, “ She said as the prophet  ordered her 

Q 8 : What did Allah give Umm Salmah?

ans : Allah gave her  someone better than him, He gave her Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] as a husband .

Q 9 : What did Allah’s Messenger ask a woman when he entered upon her ? 

ans : He asked her, “Why are you quivering   ?”

Q 10 : What did the woman say to  the prophet?

ans : She said , “ It is because of fever”.

Q 11 : What did the woman begin to do?

 ans : She began to curse the fever.

Q 12 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say to her?

ans : He said to her , “ Do not curse fever , because it takes away many wrong actions . 

Q 13 : What does the prophet [PBUH]describe fever’s taking away many wrong actions as?

ans : It is just as the blacksmith’s bellows remove dross and impurities from iron .

Q 14 : What does Allah ask His angels when someone’s child dies ?

ans : Allah asks them , “ Did you take the soul of my slave’s child?”

Q 15 : What did the angels reply ?

ans : They replied , Yes .

Q 16 : What does Allah ask the angels thereupon? 

ans : Allah then asks them ,”What did my slave say.”

Q 17 : What do the angels reply ?

ans : They reply ,” He said , “To Allah we belong and to Him we will return .”                    

Q 18 : What does Allah say to the angels?

ans : He says to them , “ build a house for him in  paradise and call it Bayt al -Hmad[House of praise].

Q 19 : What should a believer regard ? 

ans : He should regard both good fortune and misfortune as a test .

Q 20 : Why does Allah test us ?

ans : Allah tests us to enable us to see for ourselves if we are grateful for His favours or ungrateful .

Q 21 : Why does Allah also test us ? 

ans : He tests us to enable us to see for ourselves if we are patient when his favours are withdrawn .

Q 22 : What should a Muslim be  ?

ans : He should be grateful to Allah if things go well .

Q23 :What should a Muslim be if things turn wrong ? 

ans : He should keep trying patiently and put his trust in Allah.

Q 24 : What shouldn’t a Muslim do ? 

ans : He shouldn’t give up hope to pass the test .

Q 25 : When  will a Muslim pass the test?

ans : He will pass the test if he remains patient . 

Q 26 : What will a Muslim find with Allah in the hereafter ?

ans : He will find with Allah a great reward and Allah will give him success .  

Q 27 :  What will patience do ?

ans : It will open your heart to the present moment even if you do not like it . 

Q 28 : What do you do if you get stuck in a traffic jam late for appointmentor find long queues at a public interest? 

ans : I become more patient and this will certainly help me relax . 

Q 29  : What will this situation afford ?

ans : It will afford  you a good time to breathe . 

Q 30 What will it give you ?

ans : It will give me  an opportunity to remind myself that, in the bigger scheme of this, being is not the end of the world  . 

Q 31 : What will this make you ? 

ans : It will make me a peaceful person .

Q 32 : What will you begin to do ?

ans : I will begin to enjoy many of the moments of life that used to frustrate me .

Q 33 : What is patience ? 

ans :  It is a quality of heart . 

Q 34 : How can patience be ? 

ans :  It can be greatly deepened and enhanced through practice .

Q 35 : What is the effective way to deepen our patience ?

ans : To offer the five obligatory prayers on time . 

Q 36 : What will you find soon ? 

ans : Soon I will find life turning into a classroom and the curriculum would be salah and patience .

Q 37 : What will Almighty Allah certainly give you due to exercising patience for the sake of Allah ?

ans :  He will certainly give the help I need  in this world as well as blessings in the  afterlife  .

Q 38 : What does Allah say about the patient’s reward in the afterlife ?

ans : Allah says : “ Surely  the patient will be paid their wages in full without reckoning .”

Q 39 : Is there anything hidden from Allah ? 

ans : Nothing is hidden from Allah, especially not the burden borne by those who suffer for His sake .               

 Q 40 : What will you see if you are patient for a little while with Allah?

ans : We will see His grace and favours for years .


                One of the six pillars of faith in Islam is to believe in fate, the divine creed and destny. Allha’s will is supreme and is fullfiled  in spite of everything. Allah is great, but He is the most Merciful at the same time. Allah wills good things to us. The problem is with us and our perspective on things. Als, Allah is all-Strong, and we humans are weak, mentally, morally and even physically. It is natural that humans can’t endure the slightest pain. Some people may collapse at the slightest joy. We can’t just ignore nature and moralise.  Here comes the role of Islam. Islam asks its followers to adopt strong faith, The stronger a Muslim’s faith is, the greater their  patience is. A Muslim believes that all events are from Allah. Also, a Muslim believes and trusts that Allah wills good things for us. It is the Muslim’s role to accept their fate and destny. Also the significance of patience is that it helps Muslims pass the tests they get through. Patient people hardly ever suffer mental, psychological or physical disturbances. In short patience benefits a Muslim now and in the hereafter. In this worldly life a patient person leads a quiet and a stable life. In the hereafter, patient people  are promised countless rewards.

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If Allah makes you stand up you will never fall, and if he lets you fall and leaves you to yourself, you will always fall.

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