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Enriching answer of Islam, etiquette: part 14


Q 1 : What did Sufyan then ask ? 

Ans : He then asked , “ Messenger of Allah , what do you fear most for me ?”.

Q 2 : What did the prophet [PBUH] do ? 

ans : :He held his own tongue and said . “This”.

Q3 : What can make all the other organs suffer ?

Ans : The slightest carelessness by the tongue . 

Q 4 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say ?

Ans : He said, “ When the son of Adam gets up in the morning , all the organs [of his body] humble themselves before the tongue .

Q 5 : What do the organs say to the tongue?

Ans : They say , “If you are straight , we will be straight , but if you are crooked we will be crooked “.

Q 6 : What did the prophet [PBUH] also say ?

Ans : He said , ” It is great treachery that you tell your brother something he accepts as a truth from you , when you are lying . 

Q 7 : What did the prophet [PBUH] also say ? 

Ans : He also said , “ Woe to him who tells lies to make people laugh “.

Q 8 : What do words have ?

Ans : They have a great impact .

Q 9 : How might one ruin his life and bring Allah’s punishment upon himself in the Hereafter ?

Ans : He might utter a word without thinking about it being pleasing or not to Allah . 

Q10 :What might a person utter on the other hand ?

ans : He might utter a word because of which Allah will undoubtedly raise his degrees in paradise . 

Q 11 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say?

Ans : He said , “ Truly a person says a word that is pleasing to Allah and though he doesn’t give it any importance.      

Q 12 : What does Allah do for him because of it ?

Ans : Allah raises him  a number of degrees .

Q 13 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say about a person who says a word that is displeasing to Allah: Q 14  :  What should a Muslim do?

Ans : He should weigh his words before he speaks . 

Q 15 : What did the prophet  say a good word is ? 

Ans : He said , “ saying a good word is an act of charity “.

Q 16 : What does being talkative often lead to ? 

Abs : It often leads to sinning .

Q 17 : What does carelessness in the choice of words often lead to ?

Ans : It often leads to mistakes .

Q  18 : Who did the prophet [PBUH] once ask ?

Ans : He once asked his companions.

Q 19 : What did the prophet [PBUH] ask them ?

Ans : He asked them . “ Do you know what backbiting is?”.

Q 20 : What did the companions say?

ans: They said , “ Allah and the prophet know best”.

Q 21 : What did the prophet [PBUH] then say?

Ans :  Then He said , “ backbiting is talking about your brother in a way that he dislikes ‘.

Q 22 : What did someone ask ?

Ans : He asked ,” what if my brother is as I say?”

Q 23 : What did the prophet[PBUH] reply?

Ans : He replied,” If he is as you say you have backbitten him , and If he is not as you say , you have slandered him “.

Q 24 : What is bad manners to do ? 

 Ans : To  interrupt another person’s speech .

Q 25 : What doesn’t a wise person do?

ans: He doesn’t speak until there is   silence .

Q 26 : What should we do ? 

Ans : We should avoid interruption unless it is very important and unavoidable. 

Q 27 : What should you do after interruption ?

Ans : I should quickly apologize for doing so.                       

Q 28 : What are  also bad manners ? 

Ans : To discuss other people’s affairs that are damaging or harmful to them .

Q 29 : What should only be told ? 

Ans : Only jokes that are in good taste and free from lies should be told .

Q 30 : What  shouldn’t a Muslim engage in?

ans : He shouldn’t engage in vulgar, cross or cruel jokes. 

Q 31 : What does the Quran say about speaking in a low voice? 

 Ans : The Quran says , “ The most disagreeable of all sounds is the voice of donkeys .”

Q32 :What do you show by keeping your voice low? 

Ans : You not only show manners with people but also obey Allah’s commands .

Q 33 : What does a person show when he speaks in a loud harsh voice ?

Ans :   He shows that he has no manners and has no respect for others . 

Q 34 :What is so significant to be ?

ans:It is so significant to be truthful and to keep promises.

Q 35 Who believes a liar ? 

ans : Nobody believes him ,and no one likes to trust a person who breaks his promises,

Q36:What does Allah the almighty say about fulfilling the obligations?

ans:He says,“ O you who believed, fulfill all your obligations.”

Q 37 :What do these obligations include? 

ans :They include : promises, covenants and oaths.

Q 38 : What does Allah the Almighty say ?

ans : He says : “be true to your bond with Allah whenever you make a pledge , and do not break your oaths after having confirmed them .” [surat an-Nahl,16 :91      

Q 39 : Who is true to his promise?

ans : Allah the Most High .

Q 40:What does Almighty Allah say about fulfilling His promise in the Quran ?

ans : He says ,”Surely, Allah never fails to fulfil His promise.” [surat Aal- Imraan, 3:9]  

Q 41 : What  does Almighty Allah say about  his covenant?

ans : He says, “ Who could be more faithful to his covenant than Allah?”

Q 42 : What is a believer’s word? 

ans : It is a bond.a Muslim must keep his promise.

Q 43 : What should a Muslim abide by ?

ans : He must abide by his promise , whatever he makes , whatever word he gives and whatever agreement into which he enters .

Q 44 : How should a Muslim abide by all above mentioned?

ans : He should abide by them faithfully & sincerely .

Q 45 : What shouldn’t a Muslim fail to ?

ans : He shouldn’t fail to fulfil his promise .

Q 46 : What did Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] hate?

ans : He hated lies.

Q 47 : What was Allah’s Messenger  prepared to do ?

anas : He was prepared to accept misers and cowards as believers but he refused to regard a liar as a true Muslim. 

Q 48 : Where were liars classified ?

ans : They were classified in the same category as promise- breakers and hypocrites .

Q49 :What did the prophet [PBUH] say about the deceitful man  ?

ans : He said , “ On the Day of judgement every deceitful man will bear a banner , and it will be said , “ Behold the deceit of so- and  – so “

Q50:What did the prophet[PBUH] also say?

ans : He also said , “ whoever possesses these four [characteristics]will be a pure hypocrite .


          The Arabs are eloquent people. They valued  words, speech and eloquence very highly. Also it is human nature to get affected by words. Hearts are lost and won by words. So the virtues and maladies of the tongue are very significant and important. Islam has acknowledged the psychological effect of words in an early stage. Hence, Islam encourages and fosters the virtues of the tongue. So we find Islam encouraging its followers to stick to good speech. On many occasions and in many places does the Holy Quran  highlight truthfulness. He asks Muslims to tell the truth  all the time. A good Muslim always tells the truth, and the vice versa. Keeping one’s promise is one of the major virtues Islan and the Holy Quran celebrate a lot. Some prophets were well mentioned only because they kept their promise.Truthfulness and keeping one’s promise create a state of trust, peace and stability in the society. They bring Muslims closer to each other. On the contrary, telling lies is highly criticized by Allah, Islam and the Holy Quran. Similarly, breaking one’s promise is one of the worst qualities criticized by Islam. Rumours and lies are liable to destroy a whole society. It can create a state of hatred and grudge in the society.  They are capable of making the society members apart. They weaken the society and make it easily defeatable.


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