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Enriching answer of Islam, etiquette: part 13


Q 1 : What did the prophet [PBUH] once see ?

Ans : He saw a camel that started weeping with a yearning sound .

Q 2 : What did the prophet [PBUH] do ? 

Ans : He went to it and  went on wiping its head until it became silent . 

Q 3 : Where did the prophet [PBUH] go then ?

Ans : He went to its owner and said to him , “ Will you not fear Allah with respect to this beast which Allah has given you ?”      

Q 4 : What did the camel do ?

Ans : It complained to the prophet [PBUH] that its owner kept it hungry and loaded it with heavy burdens that tire it out .   

Q 5 : What must  a Muslim take care  of? 

ans :He must care not overload a beast with burden. 

Q 6 : What shouldn’t  a Muslim do?

Ans : He should not stay mounted for a long time while standing . 

Q7 :On what purpose must a Muslim use an animal?

Ans : He must only use it to fulfil his needs and light once his needs are fulfilled .

Q 8 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say? 

Ans : He said , “ Do not treat the backs of animals as chains “.

Q 9 : Why has Allah subjected animals ?

Ans : Allah surely subjected them to  take us to places which we would not have otherwise been able to reach except with difficulty and hardship.     

Q 10 : Why has Allah subjected the earth to us ? 

Ans : To fulfill our needs . 

Q 11 : Can a Muslim kill animals or insects that can do us harm ? why? 

Ans : Yes, To defend ourselves. 

 Q 12 : What good habits must aMuslim train himself to adopt ? 

Ans : They are : 

1- A good Muslim doesn’t make a habit of swearing by Allah all the time , truthfully or otherwise . 

2-  He does not tell lies . 

  3- He never promises something to someone without fulfilling his promise.

4- He doesn’t’ curse’ anyone or anything, nor does he hurt anyone .

5- He doesn’t direct his attention and interest towards any form of sinful acts of disobedience.

6- He keeps himself away from inflicting any burden or inconvenience .

7- He keeps a cheerful expression on his face and avoids scowling .

Q 13 : When will a Muslim break the habit of swearing by Allah all the time truthfully orotherwise 

Ans : If he exercises this kind of self – control and train his tongue accordingly . 

Q 14 : Will this lead him to break the habit altogether , with or without intention?

Ans : Yes, it will lead him to do so .

Q 15 : If a Muslm practices self -control and his tongue gets used to truthfulness , what will happen to him ? 

Ans : Allah will purify his mind and heart and reward him greatly for doing so .

Q 16 : Which point will he reach eventually?    

Ans : He eventually reaches a point where telling lies will strike him as unbearable .

Q17 What is breaking promises equal in effect to?

Ans : It is equal in effect to lying .|

Q 18 : What does this mean ? 

Ans: It means when we promise we should do our best to keep it . 

Q 19 : What’s one of the good habits?

Ans : A Muslim doesn’t curse anyone or anything , nor does  he/she hurt anyone.

Q 20 : What should a Muslim do towards any form of sinful acts of obedience ? 

Ans : He restrains all his limbs and organs from any act that is not pleasing to Almighty Allah , even if he feels like doing it .     

Q 21 : What will such efforts bring him ? 

Ans : They will bring him the quickest reward to his body in the present life and in the Hereafter .

Q 22 : What should a Muslim keep on his face ?

Ans : He should keep a cheerful expression on his face . 

Q 23 : What should a Muslim avoid? 

Ans : He should avoid scowling, being argumentative and quarrelsome . 

Q 24 : What should  a Muslim, do with people when they disagree with him or annoy him with their behaviour ?

Q 25 : He should be tolerant towards people and show patience .

Q26 :What shouldn’t a Muslim do towards people?

Ans : He shouldn’t harbour any bad feelings towards them , he doesn’t have the inclination to cheat and double – cross them .

Q 27 : What can a Muslim do for his brothers? 

Ans : He conceals his brothers’ faults as fast as he possibly can. 

Q 28 : What shouldn’t Muslims do when one is absent from their company ? 

Ans : They shouldn’t  backbite any of them , or speak  ill of any absentee. 

Q29 :What shouldn’t Muslims do if  one falls ill ?

 Ans : They visit him and don’t boycott  him.

Q 30:What should a Muslim do to those depriving him ?

Ans : He should give them.

Q31 :What should he do to those who wrong him?

Ans : He should  pardon them .

Q 32 : When can’t a Musilm borrow anything from anyone ?

Ans : If he can possibly manage without it . 

Q 33 : How should we always be to Allah ? 

Ans : We should always be grateful to Allah . 

Q 34 : Why should we be grateful to Allah?

Ans : We should be grateful to him for everything given to us .

Q 35 : What should we recognize ?

Ans : We should recognize that our existence and our continuity sustenance are dependent on Allah.

Q 36 : What are the bounties and blessings of Allah?

Ans : They are countless .

Q 37 : Where does Allah compare the terms : shukr and kufr in the Quran ?

Ans :Allah compares them in the Quran .

Q 38 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say ? 

Ans : He said, “ Those who keep quiet will be safe” .

Q 39 : What does this mean ? 

Ans : This means that a Muslim is required to keep quiet especially to avoid evil speech .

Q 40 : Why should we avoid evil speech ?

Ans : To be saved from evil in this life and in the Hereafter .

Q 41 : What shouldn’t  a Muslim do ? 

Ans : He should not talk about things that do not concern him .

Q 42 : Should a Muslim engage in any kind of speech from which he may not get any benefit ?

Ans : No, He shouldn’t . 

Q 43 : What’s the fastest way to Hell fire?

Ans : Failure to control the tongue.

Q 44 : What are the prophet’s excellent qualities?

Ans : His excellent qualities in eloquence and fluency of speech are well known . 

 Q45 :How was the prophet[PBUH] when he spoke ? 

Ans : He was fluent, very concise and very clear .  

Q46 :What did the prophet  use when he talked ? 

ans : He used meaningful words and his speech was free from affectation .he never used too few words or too many words . 

Q 47 : How was the prophet’s voice ?

Ans : He had a loud voice which was melodious. 

Q 48 : How far was the prophet’s speech  clear ?

ans :It was so clear that all those listening understood him .   

Q 49 : What did Sufyan ibn Abdullah once ask? 

Ans : He once asked the prophet [PBUH] , “ Messenger of Allah , tell me something that I should adhere to”.

Q 50 : What did the prophet [PBUH] reply ?

Ans : He replied, “ say : My lord is Allah , then remain steadfast “.



            Mohammad came to the world as an urgent necessity.  The world badly lacked both justice and mercy. So, Mohammad is Allah’s mercy to all creatures, not just humans. Mohammad is a mercy for the believers, Muslims. Mohammad is a mercy for the non believers. Mohammad is a mercy for humans as well as jinn. Mohammad is a mercy for animals, plants and even the inanimate things. He cared for Muslims and was keen that they gained paradise and escaped the hellfire.  Mohammad wanted the non-believers to avoid the hellfire by believing in him, yet he didn’t force anyone to believe in him. Mohammad’s mercy is obvious in dealing with animals. He urged his followers to be gentle and kind to animals, by feeding them and providing them with water. He recommended sharpening one’s knife and resting the slaughtered animal before slaughtering it. On many occasions, he said that an animal complained to him that its owner exhausted it and prevented it from food and drink. In his tradition, we read that a woman got into the hellfire, because of a cat, which she had imprisoned, she neither fed it nor left it to hunt its food. Also an Israelite harlot got into paradise, as she had given a thirsty dog some water to drink. Finally, the log of a palm tree on which he used to stand preaching in the mosque as a minber moaned when the prophet had a new minber made in the mosque, abandoning that log. The log became quiet only after the prophet hugged it.


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