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Enriching answer of Islam, etiquette: part 12



Q 1 : Would the prophet [PBUH] reserve a special place for himself ?

Ans : No, He wouldn’t. 

Q 2 : Did the prophet [PBUH] forbid to do so ? 

Ans : No, He didn’t.

Q 3 : What did the prophet do when he spoke about things for which he expected a reward from Allah .

ans : He was happy.

Q 4 : How would the people sitting with him do? 

Ans; They would lower their heads .

Q 5 : What would the prophet [PBUH] do when anyone  was speaking? 

ans : He wouldn’t interrupt anyone who was speaking until that person had stopped talking . 

 Q 6 : What would the prophet  do when they laughed?

Ans : He would laugh at what they were laughing at.

Q 7 : Did the prophet [PBUH] show surprise of what made them surprised ?

 Ans : Yes, he did .

Q 8 : How did the prophet [PBUH] behave with a stranger who was rude to him ?                 

Ans : He was patient . 

Q 9 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say?

Ans : He said , “ when you find someone asking for something he needs then give it to him and ask for reward except from the reward -Giver [i.e.Allah].                                       

Q 10 : How was Allah’s Messenger? 

Ans : He was always humble, although he was the leader of all the Muslims .

Q 11 : How did the prophet [PBUH] treat his companions ?

Ans : He never belittled his companions.

Q 12: What did the prophet [PBUH] do when he shook hands with someone? 

Ans : He would grip with his whole hand and never be the first to release the grip .

Q 13 : What would the prophet [PBUH] do , when speaking to someone ? 

Ans : He would never be the first to look away . 

Q 14 : What did the prophet [PBUH] do , when he walked into an assembly .

Ans : He would never demand to sit near the centre or near the front . 

Q 15 : Where would the prophet [PBUH] sit?

Ans : He would just sit wherever he found a space .

Q 16 : What does the life of the prophet [PBUH] teach us?

Ans : It teaches us that we should be kind to people.

Q 17 : How much  should we be kind to people ?

 Ans : As much as we can , with sincerity even to those who aren’t nice to us .

Q 18 : What’s the best way to establish good moral character?

Ans : It’s to clear our hearts of bad ideas.

Q 19 : What should we do for ourselves?

Ans : We should teach ourselves better ways .

Q20:Why should we teach ourselves better ways?

Ans :To analyse ideas and situations we come across.

Q 21 : What does analysis require ? 

 Ans : It requires intense training and effort . 

Q 22 : Should we turn away a person asking for help?

Ans : No, we don’t have to do so , because it wasn’t the character of the prophet [PBUH] .

Q 23 : What guidance  do we get from the life of the prophet [PBUH] ?

Ans :To treat people kindly and help them whenever they need us to help them .

Q 24 : Do animals have rights in Isalm ? 

Ans : Yes , they do . 

Q 25 : Why were animals created? 

ans ;They were created for  a purpose.

Q 26 : Does Allah allow us to use all animals?

Ans : No,He doesn’t , Allah allows us to use some of them for our benefit .

 Q 27 : Does this mean we can treat them cruelly or make them endure things beyond their capacity ?

 Ans : No, It doesn’t , a part of our duty towards animals is to treat them kindly . 

Q 28 : What did the prophet [PBUH] forbid?

ans : He forbade  killing animals or birds for sport or torture. 

Q 29: What did the prophet [PBUH] say? 

Ans : He said ,“ Whoever does not show mercy will not be shown mercy” .

Q 30 : What did the prophet [PBUH] also say ? 

 Ans : He said . “Have mercy towards those on the earth , and the One over the heavens will have mercy on you .”

Q 31 : What did a man do when he saw a dog panting and eating mud because of excessive thirst?

Ans :  He went down a well, filled his shoe with water , caught hold of it with his teeth and climbed up and gave the dog  water to drink . 

Q 32 : So, what did Allah  do for this act ? 

Ans : Allah appreciated this act of  the man and forgave  him .

Q33:What did the companions ask the prophet?

Ans : They asked , “ O Allah’s Messenger , is there a reward even  for [serving ] such animals ?”

Q 34 : What did Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] reply ?

Ans : He replied ,“ Yes , there is a reward for service to every living animal .

Q 35 : What did Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] say about a woman ?

Ans : He said . “ A woman was punished because of a cat  which she confined until it died . 

Q 36 : Where did the woman enter because of it ? 

Ans : She entered Hell fire . 

Q 37 : What should a Muslim have ?

Ans : A Muslim should have mercy and compassion towards animals . 

Q 38 : Should a Muslim use animals as targets ?

Ans : No, He shouldn’t use them .

Q 39 :  What did the prophet [PBUH] curse ? 

Ans : He cursed anyone who makes a living creature 

A target .

Q 40 : What must a Muslim do when slaughtering an animal ? 

Ans :He must put it at ease . 

Q 41 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say?

Ans : He said . “ Indeed , Allah has prescribed perfection in all things , so, if you kill, kill well, and if  you  slaughter , slaughter well.”

Q 42 : What should each of us do ?

Ans : One should sharpen their blade and spare  torturing the slaughtered animal . 

Q 43 : What did the prophet [PBUH] also say ?

Ans : He also said , “ whoever shows mercy , even while slaughtering a sparrow , Allah will have mercy on him on the Day of judgement .

Q 44 : What should a  Muslim never do ?

Ans : He should never torture , beat an animal , nor inflict pain on it, nor make it carry more than it can bear , nor mutilate it .

Q 45 : When is it forbidden to kill animals ? 

Ans : Using nails .

Q46 :What’s also forbidden in killing animals?

Ans : Using stones or a catapult . 

Q 47 : What did Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] say , “ Throwing stones will neither hunt the game nor kill an enemy .”

Q 48 : What are beasts of Burden?

  Ans : They are animals like donkeys, horses or oxen .

Q 49 : What are they used to ? 

ans : They are used to carry or pull things.

Q 50 : What did Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] say ? 

Ans :He said , “ Fear Allah in treating dumb animls .”.


            Mohammad came to the world as an urgent necessity.  The world badly lacked both justice and mercy. So, Mohammad is Allah’s mercy to all creatures, not just humans. Mohammad is a mercy for the believers, Muslims. Mohammad is a mercy for the non believers. Mohammad is a mercy for humans as well as jinn. Mohammad is a mercy for animals, plants and even the inanimate things. He cared for Muslims and was keen that they gained paradise and escaped the hellfire.  Mohammad wanted the non-believers to avoid the hellfire by believing in him, yet he didn’t force anyone to believe in him. Mohammad’s mercy is obvious in dealing with animals. He urged his followers to be gentle and kind to animals, by feeding them and providing them with water. He recommended sharpening one’s knife and resting the slaughtered animal before slaughtering it. On many occasions, he said that an animal complained to him that its owner exhausted it and prevented it from food and drink. In his tradition, we read that a woman got into the hellfire, because of a cat, which she had imprisoned, she neither fed it nor left it to hunt its food. Also an Israelite harlot got into paradise, as she had given a thirsty dog some water to drink. Finally, the log of a palm tree on which he used to stand preaching in the mosque as a minber moaned when the prophet had a new minber made in the mosque, abandoning that log. The log became quiet only after the prophet hugged it.

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