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Enriching answer of Islam, etiquette: part 1 “online quran tutor “



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Q1: Do you have to leave anything that has a connection with Allah when you enter the toilet?


ans : Yes, I do,I always leave everything that has a link  to Allah because the toilet isn’t pure enough to enter with anything into . 





Q 2: What are the articles which you must leave before you go to the water closet? 


ans : The Moshaf and the ring , in short we must leave all other things related to Allah .





Q 3: What do you say when you enter the toilet ?


ans: O Allah I Seek protection in you from the male and female devils.





Q 4 : Should you keep your body screened from being viewed?


ans : Yes , I should do so. It’s one of toilet’s etiquette to keep all your body from being viewed.





Q 5: Is it permissible to engage in a conversation while you are in the toilet? 


ans : No, it isn’t.

Tip  : It isn’t permissible to engage in any kind of conversation just in case of need .





Q 6 : Do you have to return the greeting if you are greeted by someone ?


ans  : No, I don’t.Following the toilet’s etiquette , I don’t  have to return any greeting, whatever it is . 





Q 7 : If you happen to sneeze do you have to praise  Allah?


ans : No, I don’t.

Tip   : I don’t have to praise Allah while I’m in the toilet.because It disagrees with the toilet’s etiquette either.





Q 8  : When it happens to answer the call of nature outdoors, What do you do? 


ans : I should use an out- of- the- way spot, I have to keep myself screened . 





Q 9 : Do you have to avoid facing Qibla and relieve yourself?


ans : Yes,I do.Facing Qibla is considered an outright violation for the sunnah of the prophet [PBUH].   





Q10 :  Do we mention the name of Allah when we enter the toilet?


No, we  don’t.Mentioning Allah the Almighty when entering the toilet is forbidden .





Q11 :  What do you always use while washing yourself?


ans  :  I always use water for washing myself because it’s the first source of purification . 





Q 12  : What is needed to clean yourself?


ans  : water and tissues are needed, Water is much needed  to keep myself clean.  





Q 13 : Which foot do you use when you leave the toilet?


ans :  I use the right foot,Using the right foot agrees with the toilet’s etiquette , so we have to remember it  whenever we leave the bathroom.





Q 14 : What do you  say when you leave the WC?


ans : “I seek your forgiveness ,Seeking Allah’s forgiveness is an essential etiquette that we mustn’t forget .




Etiquettes of Speech:


Q15 : Are there different types of lies?


ans : Yes, there are.




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Q 16 : What are some lies told for ? 


ans : They are told for someone’s benefit .

Tip : Lies are always told by someone for his interest or to make other parties have a bad impression about you .





Q 17 : Are some lies hurtful to others?


ans : Yes, they are.

Tip  : They aren’t just harmful but they spoil good relationships between the individuals of the coherent society . 





Q 18 : What are the hurtful lies ? 


ans : They are very upsetting and unkind 





Q 19 : Does Allah Allow us to lie ? 


ans : No, He doesn’t.

Tip : We aren’t allowed to lie because telling lies is an absolutely unacceptable act,so Allah and his Messenger [PBUH] have prohibited mendacity .  





Q 20 : Do some people consider harmless lies as lies ?


ans : No, they don’t

Tip : Most people these days think that  the lies they tell are permissible .





Q 21 : What is their reason  for such lies ?


ans : The justification that they tell such lies  is to encourage or amuse people .

Tip : I guess it is illicit behaviour because it differentiates people and breaks close ties between them .    





Q 22 : A lie is A lie no matter how trivial it might be, is it true ? 


ans : Yes, it is.

Tip : Whatever it is a lie is a lie because it ultimately causes troubles and  disputes in the society .





Q 23:Is telling lies one of the actions that Allah likes?


ans : No, it isn’t.

Tip : It is abhorrent , so the prophet [PBUH] said : lying leads to immorality and immortality leads to fire.





Q 24 : What’s the source of  this? 


ans : It’s a source of disbelief in Allah Himself. 

Tip : It violates what Allah and His Messenger [PBUH] have warned and told us not to do .




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Q 25 : What does truthfulness mean ? 


ans : It means Sidq.

Tip : Truth is morality which Almighty Allah and His Messenger have enjoined us to do. 





Q 26 : Who is Saadiq? 


ans : He is someone who makes such a constant practice of Sidq .

Tip : a person who always tells the truth follows the trace of the prophet [PBUH] because veracity is one of the moralities that the muslims mustn’t deviate from.  





Q  27 : What should anyone wishing to be with  Allah do? 


ans : He had better make truthfulness a constant practice .  

Tip : Muslims have to deal truthfully concerning  all their life affairs and even for the life to come  .





Q 28 : What’s the real meaning of truthfulness ? 


ans : It  is always telling the truth , no matter what happens, in other words,  ‘Call a spade a spade’ .





Q 29 : Who was the most truthful of all people?


ans : Allah’s Messenger [PBUH].

Tip : The prophet Muhammad [PBUH] our good example because His sincerity is unprecedent throughout times and will remain . 





Q  30 : Is there a cure for telling lies ? 


ans : Yes , there is, to put an end to telling lies is to tell the truth whatever it is, and whatever it is .   




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Q  31 : Does lying lead to all vices and prevent virtues?


ans : Yes, it does,definitely lying leads to dissociation of the family and community .  





Q  32  : Why does Alllah’s Messenger [PBUH] command us not to talk too much?


ans : Because this can lead to nonsense and lying ,s o He said ,“ whoever believes in Aِِllah and the last day let say good or keep silent”   





Q 33  : What’s the sharpest weapon held by a liar? 


ans : His tongue,  it is the root of all evils which cause many troubles.





Q 34 : Does Islam value empty words that are not backed by actions? 


Ans : No it doesn’t ,Islam is a religion of work ,Almighty Allah and His Messenger Muhammed [PBUH] both have urged us to work .                






Q 35 : What’s stealing?


ans : It is to take what doesn’t belong to you.

Tip : Taking anything which  isn’t yours  is theft .





Q 36 : Are the teachings of Islam very restricted?


ans: Yes, they are .

Tip : Islamic teachings have forbidden stealing in all its forms, its penalization has been mentioned in the Holy Quran its Almighty Allah said, : “ And the thief and the female thief ,cut off their hands as a recompense for what they have earned, a punishment from Allah .





Q 37 : What should those who believe in Allah and the hereafter do?  


ans : They should either speak well or keep silent.

Tip : Good speech is a virtue that the prophet [PBUH] has related it with the faith.according to the famous tradition narrated about the prophet [PBUH]   






Q  38: Why do you have to speak clearly? 


ans : To enable people to listen to and understand you .

Tiip :  Speaking obviously  makes your listeners follow you and understand what you are talking about .





Q  39  : What should you say?


ans : I always  either speak well or keep silent .





Q 40  : Should you overdo it in silence ?


Ans : No, I don’t.

Tip : overdoing it is considered a form of social segregation , human beings are  known to be friendly and have an inclination for being in touch with each other.   





Q 41 : Why shouldn’t you overdo it ?


ans : Because , this benefits us.

Tip  : Doing so might make many people around you have an unfriendly impression of you. 





Q 42 : Why do you have to think carefully before you speak?


ans : To avoid saying something you might feel sorry for .

Tip  : it is quiet to think closely because giving rien for your speech may hurt some people even if out of joking , sometimes joking turns into seriousness . 





Q 43 : Should  we  wait simply for our turn to speak? 


ans : Yes, weI should wait because it is kind of etiquette to give to other speakers or participants to take part .





Q 44 : What do we often do when people speak?


ans : We should  keep silent calmly and listen carefully.

Tip : listening to people attentively reflects concern and estimation for what they say and gives them a great deal of mutual respect .  





Q  45 : Why do we say things like , ‘yeah, yeah ‘ or ‘ Iknow’?


ans :  we say so to make them go ahead .

Tip : saying words like these give them motivation to go on conversation  and meantime show close concern from our part towards their talk . 




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Q 46 : Do you have to let the others complete their thoughts?  


ans : Yes , Ido . 

Tip : I usually leave people to finish their notions to get to know to their ideas and goals too.  





Q 47: Do we have to speak hurriedly?


ans : No, we don’t.

Tip : we always have to talk leisurely to  enable people who listen and participate in conversation to assimilate what we are talking about .





Q 48  : Which is better to speak too loudly or too softly?


ans : Neither too loudly nor too softly…

Tip  : certainly speaking softly is an greeable thing 

As Almighty Allah mentioned in surah Luqman “lower your voice” it was Lugman’s advice instructing his son.  





Q 49 : Why shouldn’t you have to say so?


ans : Because,  such ways of speaking will irritate the listener.

Tip : when we talk we have to think of  amicable and mild ways to make our listeners accept and interact with us .





Q  50  :  What’s the best way?


ans : The best way is the middle way.

Tip  : meaning speaking moderately far from too softly and too loudly following the trace of the prophet [PBUH] when He used to deliver His speech to His companions .






            Fancy an Arab, a bedouin living in the sands of Arabia, between two superpowers, and two old and great civilizations. This Arab, Mohammad, calls for a new religion. The objective of the religion is not to worship more. Rather, the ultimate aim of the religion is to perfect good morals. Islam acknowledges that good morals have existed long before its emergence. Yet, Islam harps on the fact that humans need and are liable to adopt good morals  So Islam fosters a Muslim since birth till death. It also accompanies a Muslim in every aspect of life. Allah states in the Holy Quran, ‘Verily We have ignored  nothing in the Book.’ Islam adjusts a Muslim’s coduct and behavior all the time.  So it is not very strange that a Jew said to a Muslim one day, ‘ Your religion, prophet, has taught you everything, even using the toilet.’ This means that Islam educates a Muslim’s character and creates a civilized person, whose conduct becomes the best label for Islam. These questions, at hand, deal with two important topics, how to use the bathroom and how to speak, telling the truth and avoiding telling lies.


See part 2 here =>

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