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Enriching answer of Islam, etiquette: part 10



Q 1 : What should a Muslim do if he wants to drink?

Ans : He should do so with the right hand , and sayبسم الله Bismillah .

Q 2 : How should a Muslim drink ? 

Ans : He should drink in three sips .

Q 3 : What shouldn’t A Muslim do when eating ?

Ans : He should never criticise food .

Q 4 : What does criticising food mean ?

 Ans : It means not appreciating Allah’s blessings .

Q 5:What did the prophet [PBUH] use to do  when eating ?

Ans :He never criticised food, if he liked it,he would eat it 

Q 6 : What If he didn’t like it ?   

Ans :He would leave it .

Q 7 : What is bad manners to eat or drink ? 

Ans : It is bad to eat and drink in a reclining position.  Q 8 : Was eating or drinking in a reclining position the prophet’s practice?

Ans:No, It wasn’t the prophet’s practice to do so.

Q 9 : What is permissible to eat and drink ?

Ans : It is permissible to eat and drink while standing or at a table .

Q 10 : What is the highly recommended manner ? 

Ans : It is eating while sitting down .

Q 11 : Is it permissible to eat or drink in plates or vessels of gold or silver?

Ans : No,It Isn’t permissible to eat in either of them .

Q 12 : What shouldn’t a person  do ? 

Ans : He shouldn’t take an amosel out again . unless it is too hot or spoiled. 

Q 13:What may he do ,If it happens to be spoiled?

Ans : In this case he may spit it out without drawing people’s attention .

Q 14 : How should a Muslim start when passing food or drink to some one?

Ans : He should start with a person sitting on his right .

Q 15 : What did  the prophet [PBUH] do when he once was given some milk?

Ans : He passed it to the Bedouin on his right. 

Q 16 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say?

Ans : He said “ serve the person to the tight first , then the next person to the left .” 

Q17 : What does a  good Muslim always remembers?

Ans : A good Muslim always remebers to thank Allah after eating or drinking .

Q 18 : What would a  Muslim say? 

Ans : He would say: AlHamdulillah “ praise be to Allah “.

Q 19 : What did the prophet [PBUH] use to say?

ans : He used to say : الحمد لله الذي أطعمني هذا ورزقنيه من غير حول مني ولاقوه     

Al-Hamdulilahilladhee at’manee hadha warazaqaneeh ninghair hawilin minee walaa quwwah .

“ praise be to Allah who fed one this and provided it for me without any strength or power on my part “

Q 20 : What shouldn’t a Muslim do ? 

 Ans : A Muslim shouldn’t over eat , shouldn stop eating before he becomes full ,following the prophet’s example .

Q 21:  What should a Muslim do  if he happens to be somebody’s guest ?

Ans : He should say the following du’aa for the host and his family : اللهم بارك لهم فيما رزقتهم واغفر لهم وارحمهم

Allaahummabaarik lahum feemaarazaqtahum, ighfir lahum war- hamhum.    

“ O Allah ! Bless for them what you have provided them and forgive them and have mercy on them “.

Q 22: What isn’t all right to eat with ?

Ans : It isn’t all right to eat with the left hand .

Q 23: Is it healthy to drink water in one -large gulp?

Ans : No, it isn’t .

Q 24: What shouldn’t we do while eating ? 

Ans : We shouldn’t talk with our mouth full.

Q 25: Who is a Muslim?

Ans : A Muslim is one who avoids harming Muslims with his tongue and hands .

Q 26: Who is a Muhaajir [migrant] ? 

Ans : He is the one who abandons what Allah has forbidden .      

Q27: What’s part of being a good Muslim ?

Ans : It is leaving alone what doesn’t concern him.

Q 28: What did the prophet [PBUH] say about those who learn the Quran and teach it to others ?

Ans : He said . “ The best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others”.

Q 29: What did the prophet [PBUH] say to convey on his behalf ?

Ans : He said ,”  Convey to others on my behalf even if it is a single verse  “.

Q 30 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say to save ourselves from Hellfire ?  

Ans : He said ,:” Save yourselves from Hell fire even by giving half  a date in charity “ 

Q 31: What will happen to the person who severs the ties of kinship ?

Ans : He will not enter paradise. 

Q 32: What did the prophet  say about  believers?

Ans : He said. “ None of you will be a believer until he loves for his [Muslim ] brother what he loves for himself .

Q 33: What did the prophet [PBUH] say about Harming and reciprocating harm ?  

Ans : He said, “ There Should be neither harming , nor reciprocating”.

Q 34 : What is a good moral character ?

Ans : It is the most excellent of all virtues .

Q 35 : What does it reveal in fact?

Ans : In fact it reveals the essential nature of people.

Q 36 :What did Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] say? 

 Ans :He said .“The most excellent believers in faith are those who have good moral characters.”

Q 37:What has Allah distinguished His Messenger Muhammad [PBUH] with? 

 ans : Allah has distinguished him with certain miracles and exceptional virtues.

Q 38 : Has Allah praised himself of any of his special qualities to the same extent as he has? 

ans : No, He hasn’t praised him for his great moral character.

Q 39 : How has Allah praised His Messenger Muhammad [PBUH] in the Quran

ans “Indeed you are of a splendid moral character “ (68 : 4).

Q 40 : What does the Arabic word “khuluq” actually describe?

Ans : It actually describes a person’s “ character” inner disposition or nature .

Q41 ;What does the “khuluq” also mean ? 

Ans :  It also means habitual behaviour.

Q 42  : What does this habitual behaviour become ? 

Ans :It becomes one’s second nature or “ way of life” 

Q 43: What is the prophet’s way of life ?

ans :His character was the Quran .

Q 44:What’s one of the good character aspects ?

Ans : Is to have a cheerful face , to be generous and to harm no one .   

Q 45:What did the prophet [PBUH] once say ? 

 Ans: He once said , “ “ I was only sent to perfect the noble moral character .“

Q 46 : What did A’isha say when she was asked about the prophet’s character 

Ans :  She replied . “His character was the quran.”

Q 47 : What is the heaviest thing to be placed in the balance of the believer on the Day of judgement according to what the prophet [PBUH] said?

Ans: The heaviest thing will be good character .

Q 48 :What does Allah hate ? 

Ans : Allah hates the [person who uses] abusive and obscene[ language] .

Q 49 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say about a good character ? 

Ans : He said, “ Let those who believe in Allah and the last Day either speak good or keep silent .”

Q 50 : What did the prophet [PBUH] say about treating the neighbour and the guest?

Ans : He said . “ Let him who believes in Allah and the last Day be generous to his neighbour and let him who believes in Allah and the last Day  be generous to his guest .”


               It is one of Islam’s miracles that it has focussed on establishing a good character. It is known that psychology has originated as a branch of philosophy. Then psychology became an independent humanitarian science. In its evolution, psychology started by studying instincts as modifiers of human conduct. Later, it focused on studying the stream of consciousness. Eventually it settled on studying the conduct as a reliable modifier of human character. Islam had very early  cared for a person’s conduct, and made it equivalent to one’s character. The most important topic Islam tackles is conduct and good character. The prophet is reported to have said, ‘ I have been sent to perfect good character, morals.’ Yet, Islam hasn’t left matters to be randomly tackled. Devotion and faithfulness is the core of Islam. Truthfulness and avoiding lies is the base of Islam. Keeping one’s promise is a great virtue in Islam. Minding one’s business and leaving aside what doesn’t concern them is  a part of the perfection of one’s Islam. A Muslim is a peaceful person who doesn’t harm or hurt others. As we have seen, all the above are conduct modifiers which adjust a person’s conduct and behaviour, and eventually perfect one’s character.

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