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  Fasting is a historical religious practice, which many ancient societies had practised long before Islam. Fasting means to abstain from food, drink and other joys in an endeavour to please and reach the satision of Allah.There are two kinds of fasting in Islam. The obligatory fasting is practised during the lunar month of Ramdan. Furthermore, there is voluntary fasting. Every adult , able and mane Muslim, male or female are asked to go on fasting the whole month. So all the Muslim nation unite in this practice. By fasting this month, all Muslims are literally equal.( best way to learn arabic online) The rich feel hungry and deprived, the same as the poor do. Also, Allah who doesn’t eat or drink, because He doesn’t need to, has asked us to leave and abandon food, drink and some other joys which we can’t do without for His sake. In this respect, fasting is a kind of honour Allah grants to His believing slaves as they are  lifted to a higher degree to look more similar to the angels who don’t drink  or multiply by nature.( best way to learn arabic online )But, we humans are  made of clay so, we are in need and under the control of our worldly instincts. All the year through, we are striving to fulfill and satisfy such needs. Thus, we take a break from this fervent race and try as much as we can to satisfy the needs of our souls. This necessarily requires activating the spiritual faculty and our non- physical part of our identity. Muslims don’t forget that Ramadan is a time of joy. So, Muslims feel they are in a festival. They visit relatives and friends. They invite each other to breakfast, which has its religious echo of meaning. The prophet’s tradition stresses that ‘ whoever invites a fasting Muslim, even if it were to half a date fruit, best way to( learn arabic online) will have a reward equal to that of the invited person, without the latter’s missing the reward of fasting on that day. Muslims, who have deeply understood the true merciful nature of the religion, have developed  some social practices, which benefits the followers of Islam greatly. Hence, this season of worship has become a time of solidarity and cooperation.

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