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al quran for kid

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 It was once said, ‘All people die except for teachers.’ It may be an amazing and even a shocking saying, but it is astonishingly true. This is due to the fact that a teacher doesn’t only provide knowledge in a certain major, but also a teacher provides and gives out a piece of their personality, soul and character and implants it in his student’s. So these young students grow older and always remember their teachers. As long as the teachers are remembered, they stay alive. only the dead are the forgotten ones.  ONLINE TEACHERS AND TUTORS     al quran for kid

        Given this striking fact, teaching turns out to be the noblest profession a human can have. Man’s first teacher was a crow which taught the son of Adam, Cain, the first lesson as to burying the dead body of his brother, Abel. Allah Himself reminds man that Allah has taught with a pen; He has taught man what man didn’t know before. All the prophets and messengers of Allah were teachers who taught humanity good things. Prophet Mohammad never boosted, but he reminded us that he was sent as a quran for kid

            The Arabic saying goes as ‘ Who teaches me a letter, I become his slave, for he\she is my master. It is one of the most innocent games children often play to have one of them as a teacher, and the rest of them  is to play the students. The main objective of such carefree creatures, children, is fun. So they most certainly find teaching and learning funny and amusing. Like all other jobs, a teacher needs many tools and skills. But most importantly, passion is required. Furthermore, a teacher markets their goods, namely the subject matter. So a teacher needs social skills. A teacher needs to excel in communication. Not less important is the fact that a teacher needs to love the job itself as well as the topic taught and quran for kid

        Teaching is a hard, but rewarding job. The most difficult task is to work with human minds, so the prophets and messengers enjoyed good health and strong stamina. A teacher doesn’t need body-building, of course, but a teacher needs a great deal of patience and tolerance. It is vital for a teacher to have a high degree of mercy and compassion. Such humane characteristics and qualities are certain to create the bond of love and mutual respect between a teacher and a learner. A teacher is born, not made, so there should be a sense of gift and talent to be a good teacher. Teaching is a sacred mission and a noble task, so a teacher needs to enjoy the job and have a sense of satisfaction at doing their quran for kid

           Throughout history, teachers have coped up with the state of art technology. Nowadays, teachers are more and more indulged in using  information technology. The crisis of the Coronavirus epidemic has made it necessary to work online. Working online has many advantages. First, it ensures social distancing, which is vital in fighting the epidemic. To work online means to be in separate places, and so people keep their distance. The best way to learn, for a learner, is to have a tutor. This means to have the  individual full attention of a teacher given to a single learner at a time. This is a great advantage, as a good chance is given to the learner to ask whatever questions they like. Studying online almost means studying everywhere and anywhere. this is very convenient and easy enough to secure the fun of learning. Online tutors as the best qualified teachers, as a result, a learner is rendered the best educational service.b         al quran for kid

al quran for kid with Eaalim institute HERE 

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