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free online quran memorization classes

                    SHORT STORY FOUR     

                         NOW AND THEN         

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  The mosque has become the centre of the inhabitants of the district’s life. Outside it many people used to stand and sit, selling goods which customers needed. Some sold fruit, some sold vegetables, some sold spices, and others sold clothes. The mosque itself used to be simple, but clean and well kept. It used to be simply lit, but it seemed to illuminate its surroundings. The people who entered the mosque for prayer were innocent, kind and content. They were generally happy and their prayers seemed like a cure for them. The main gate opened to the square, but there were other doors to the mosque. One of such doors was remarkable. It was the door of a Kottab, an elementary grammar school for teaching the Holy Qur’an, some Arabic, reading ,writing and a little arithmetics. The man working there was and is still called ‘Syedna’, which means our master. He worked hard, and liked his job, which he knew was his best way to gain Allah’s satisfaction and paradise. The boys and girls studying there hummed like the bees that made their hive at the corner of the wooden ceiling of the Kottab. The bees, in turn, used to fly and gather around the fruit sold outside the mosque. Every year they had a honey day when the Kottab picked the honey and each boy and girl had their share to taste the honey  of the Kottab.  free online quran memorization classes

          Yet, things didn’t remain the same. Everything changed. The mosque has been renewed. Powerful lighting has been installed, and the simple and faint coloured mats that used to cover its floor have been replaced by dark red artificial auto made carpets. Along with the strong air – conditioning system, which seemed superfluous, the mosque seemed like a factory, rather than a house of worship. The strong lighting and red carpets make you feel it was on fire, though. Matters inside the Kottab have changed as well. The good, sincere, kind and humble Sayedna was no longer there. Instead, a young man with a long dark beard worked there. You can’t call him pious at all, when you look at his face, you can’t help feeling uncomfortable. He didn’t seem to like his job at all. Rather you could feel his contempt for the poor and naive children sitting in front of him. One such child happened to look at the wooden ceiling, this time, he saw in the dark corner a black snake hunting an enormous gecko which lived in a hole instead of the beehive.  free online quran memorization classes

            Similarly, the people standing and sitting outside the mosque were dark – bearded young men who were uncomfortable looking.   free online quran memorization classes Despite the dark marks on their foreheads, they looked more like criminals who have just been released out of prison. They sold small books with frightening pictures on their labels. These books tackled  with subjects like the torture in the grave, the terrifying things of the Doom’s Day and the False Christ, etc. They also sold miswaks, men’s head covers, perfumes and Beduoin prescriptions for some diseases. Whenever you happen to pass the mosque, you have a feeling of terror, and you almost decide to run away. This would never go on forever. Then came a time when people chased those frightening looking youngmen and called good and kind Sayednas to come and teach the innocent children only the Holy Quran and nothing but the Holy Quran. Their motto was; ‘We suffice by serving the Holy Quran only. Also, the mosque restored its high and glorious state. It became the centre of the district’s people’s life again.      free online quran memorization classes         The grand and ancient square of Ataba was, as always busy, crowded and noisy. The traffic went madly on . Vehicles  were from every kind, every make and every model. and there stood the ancient mosque of Sidi Al Sha’rani, it is even more ancient than the square itself. The square had witnessed many historical incidents and accidents throughout its long history. Nevertheless, the mosque is no less historical. Mainly, the square’s name, ‘Al- Ataba’ has its Sheiti shadow of meaning.  There was also the famous Azbeckia park with its various rosy trees It reminds of the Sheiti sacred  ‘Steps’ Atabat, which refers to the mosques in Iraq, where the descendants of prophet Mohammad had been buried. Yet, in Egypt it is not exactly the same. It is the biggest and most moderate Muslim country. However, there are countless attempts to change the nature and culture  of this queer and unique country, to which the Egyptian people have  irrationally always been resistant.   free online quran memorization classes

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