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Competition writing

Published on May 16th, 2013 | by Admin | Views:


Annual Writing Competition 2013

Annual Writing Competition 2013

e.aalim’s Annual Writing Competition 2013 is a new initiative that is designed to encourage creative composition. It will showcase and highlight examples of talent and ingeniousness present within the young ummah.

Conditions of participation:

Language and length

The composition will be in English only. In not more than 700 words

Theme of composition

The theme is broad and flexible; extra points will be awarded for originality and taking a fresh approach to the topic.


You must be between the age of 15-35

Deadline for submission

All entries must be submitted by 22nd June 2013

In the below form simply, enter your name, email and in the message box, click the clip icon image and attach the word document. Or email: [email protected]

Selection process

eaalim staff will shortlist 2 enteries, which will then be put to readers’ vote.

Prize reward

£35 ($50) and a selection of new title books from Dar As-Sunnah Publications.


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