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ng Shizi simply can not PMP call the name of the officials, many with the Star Group played an account of the CEOs...... Followed by Yan s.village PMI Certification phone also came, Yue Shaohua, Chen Jingjing, know, do not know, a few hours of telephone from start to finish did not stop, full interpretation of what the rich in the mountains have distant relatives of this profound meaning. Then, a bunch of foreign friends rushed to the phone. Many of the Star Group to eat business executives, want to be with the Star Group relationship to go further, to carry out more cooperation in the business veterans, as well as Star Group s internal executives, the major R D center and so on, and so on, of course Are eligible to get Wang Shizi contact is basically the top of their respective areas of the characters, even if this phone still simply can not stop, even with An Yu and Zheng Shaofeng also began to help Wang PMP it exam Shizi picked up the phone, Wang Shizi can only answer those more important figures of the phone. Such as the newly appointed president of the United States Ivan Brown, the most strongly with Wang Shizi closer relationship between the United States on the 1st character. The president strongly invited Wang Shizi with a family to the United States held a small princess full moon cere

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