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Why Eaalim?

Classes are fully segregated with female teachers for female students so students can learn in a relaxed environment

“I became muslim 1 year ago and I have learned so many things from that, I live in Colombia and in my city I am the only muslim woman. It was really hard in the beginning but alhamdulillah I learned to be strong and I found that studying in this institution help me to be patient and make me feel closer to Allah’s way. I am really happy that I can speak and enjoy with other muslim woman everyday …”

Magareth Avila Castano, Colombia

We use native Arabic speakers to teach Arabic Language and Tajweed

” being taught  Arabic with a teacher who is a native of the language allowed me to hear pronunciations of the letters and words first hand. For me, this is essential as I would like to be able to pronounce the letters and words to the best of my ability”

Zaynab, Barbados

“I have just finished Basic Arabic Reading and started Arabic Language Level One. I am so impressed the way it works, it has been very helpful for me and I would recommend it to anyone who’s life is busy and can not do Islamic studies in madrasas” Finally technical support is very fast reply like a WINK OF A EYE”

Khadija Nabi, New Zealand

“The Administration goes above and beyond to help students as much as possible. They have payment options, friendly reminders and require us to setup our personal learning plan. This classroom is easy to participate in. If you miss a class or need to review, you can go back and upload a recording”

Bilal Abdul-Aaliy Davis, United States

“There is a good interaction between myself and my teacher Umm Jarir. The whiteboard comes in very handy especially when going through questions and answers in the book, and it helps the teacher to see if I am progressing in my arabic writing as well ….not only does she go through the text book, but at the same time shes trys to speak a lot of Arabic in class as well as getting me to speak it. I also find it very helpful when she gets me to take down notes in Arabic and English as I find this helps me with my writing … She is a very friendly and well mannered teacher…”

Sister, UK. London

“The teacher listens to my recitation and can easily spot mistakes as the interaction is very good. One of the best things about learning with eaalim is that you can go back and listen to recordings of your class whenever you want. Constantly practising and listening to recordings of your recitations help you to see where you’re going wrong.”

Anonymous, United Kingdom

“Ustadh Ehab is not only a good teacher because he’s a native speaker but he can actually TEACH! … Even though I had taken about two years of Arabic before him, he had to go back and explain how to properly pronounce Arabic letters … I have watched Ustadh Ehab teach other students and his style is drastically different to how he teaches me. He conforms his teaching methods to suit each student. Not only does he change the way he teaches based on your learning preferences, but also the reason why you want to learn Arabic, whether for religious or academical reasons.”

Anonymous, USA

“… The course was well-structured, its content split up into manageable units. Each lesson included a good grounding of the theoretical principles involved and the practical activities helped the student to relate to the different Ah-kaam … I would recommend the course to all sisters. Although intense, it makes learning a highly rewarding activity”

  Umm Ahmed, Australia

“I…would like to say thank you to Eaalim Institute for providing the premier online Islamic School, offering a wide variety of Arabic courses available for one who wants to study in the comfort of their own home.”

Rohana Abdul Rahman, Singapore

“…I am sending this mail just to say Alhamdulillah Praise and blessings to your institute for giving my children and I the wonderful opportunity to learn to read THE HOLY QURAN. In only a short space of time we are all reading with increasing confidence and accuracy… After only 90 days of regular classes we are all reading Arabic. Also my eldest son 13 years old is studying Arabic as a language itself, his hope is to do a state examination in this subject in 1 year time inshallah… I have also completed the parenting course with Ustad Mustapha Himi and found it very helpful in its information and ideas about dealing with my children’s development and problems they face…I am Irish and…I thought I will never be able to read such a difficult language but now I am reading Surah Yasin the heart of the QURAN independently…”

Amirrah Angela Rizwan, Ireland

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    Why our students love Eaalim

    ” I would recommend the course to all sisters. Although intense it makes learning a highly rewarding activity. Jaza kala khairun to E-aalim I would recommend the ..”
    Saher from Manchester, UK
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